[Notice] Infomation for Swimming Pool (Opened on June 23rd & Will be closed on 1st week of Sep., 2023)

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[Notice] Infomation for Swimming Pool (Opened on June 23rd & Will be closed on the 1st week of Sep., 2023)

* Open: Summer Season Only (June 23rd ~ 1st Week of Sep.)
* Opearation Hour: 09:30 ~ 11:00 / 14:00!20:00 (Available after check-in and Not available after check-out)
* Size: 8m * 8m * 1m (depth)

* Required to bring personal swimming suit, cap, and towel (swimming cap & beach towel on sale at the Front Desk)
* Cooking on the side of the swimming pool is not allowed. 
* Chicken, beer, red bean sherbet, and pizza can be ordered at the restaurant on the 1st Fl.

- Precautions when using the pool - 

* Customers who have checked out is not allowed to use the pool.
* Free for staying guests and non-staying guests are resticted from entering.
* Indoor towels are not allowed in the pool and guests are requested to bring towels and slippers to use in the pool.
* The are no shower and changing facilities at the swimming pool, so please use each room.
* Entering after drinking is prohibited, and children are only allowed to enter the pool when accompanied by a guardian.
* Diving is prohibited.
* Please note that the responsibility for safety accidents that occur in the swimming pool rests with the user.
  (Please always be careful not to slip, and pay special attention to preventing children's safety accidents)
* The hotel is not responsible for the loss of valuables not deposited at the front desk.
* Please be careful about keeping valuables. 

We, Benikea Swiss Rosen Hotel will do our best for the customer safety.

Thank you.